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26th March 

We're doubling up on the windswept isle of Islay! March is a month of peaty goodness as Islay's new kid on the block Kilchoman drop in to provide the club with some delicious whisky from Islay's smallest distillery. Let's just hope they don't set the place on fire..

30th April  - Auction Gold

It's no holds barred in April as we compete with people from across the globe to win a variety of bottles that until recently had been squirreled away by discerning collectors and drinkers alike. Who knows what we'll have as we go to the auctions! 

28th May - Whisky on the Grain

May finally sees us take up the mantle of grain whisky with some fresh, light and spicy bottles in time for the warmer months (which in Manchester means 4 weeks of drizzle). Bottles featuring not just from Scotland but further afield too.

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